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The Hidden View Farms Family

Hello! We are the Gordon family! We are a father/son duo who is working toward continuing our farm for our next generation. What started as an old Amish farm in the early 2000s has now grown into OUR farm! Dave was born and raised on a farm and has never left that way of life. He has always raised hogs, both on a farm and commercially, and cattle as well. He has achieved many goals and knowledge through his father and grandfather as well as 4H and FFA. Cole also joined in these clubs at an early age. With their combined, generational knowledge, as well as Cole’s business sense, they have decided to take our farm in the regenerative direction; providing locally grown, pasture raised, non GMO fed meats and eggs for our family and yours to enjoy for years to come. We want to give back to the farm and ground while we are using it at the same time!

Cole’s oldest daughter is at the age now where she LOVES helping with farm chores and that’s where our passion for the next generation began. We wanted to start providing the BEST foods for our children/grandchildren while also teaching them about animal husbandry, hard work and the achievements and joy that come from that.

We are passionate about raising good quality foods that are not only nutritious, but that you can trust as well. We are tired of all of the “unknowns” that we read and hear about store bought meat and we wanted to stop worrying and make sure we know where our meat comes from and what is in it! It has been proven that animals raised on pasture with access to things like grass, nuts, bugs, sunshine, and fresh water produce meat that is higher in Omega 3s and many other nutrients. There are also more essential vitamins and nutrients in the food and less chemicals! In our eyes the more natural you can be the healthier you can be.

We want to share our products with you! Meat and eggs that you know were raised locally, ethically, healthy and natural!